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The Hills Have Eyes Remake Is A Spooky Home Watch

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic horror movie which has been replicated in every shape and form over the years by a host of movies. Wes Craven paid homage to the storyline in the 1980s when he released the original "The Hills Have Eyes". As is the common trend in modern horror movies, a different director has stepped up to give his interpretation of Craven's idea.

The Hills Have Eyes has just been recently released on DVD, and it can prove to be almost too much of a scare to even the most hardened horror movie buffs. The film's plot goes as follows: a family, heading on a trip to California, decides to take a desert route to get to their destination. Midway through the trip, they take a rest at a gas station located deep in the desert. The owner of the store lets the father in on a secretive short-cut that would save them a bunch of time. However, the owner has a dark secret; he's leading them straight into the territory of a gang of deformed people who were abandoned by society due to their horrid deformations caused by United States nuclear bomb tests.

The film follows the predicament of the family as they try to find a way out of the trap they so easily fell into. While this movie follows the basic idea of Texas Chainsaw Massacre nearly exactly, there are some aspects that help it to stand on its own two feet. The characters all have a dynamic that we can relate to, the visual presence of the desert is overwhelming, and there is more intense violence then you will find in the most gruesome of horror flicks. Be warned - if you are planning to see this film, be fully aware of the fact that the film leaves no aspect of terror behind. While the violence and emotional trauma of the movie are very intense, they help to add to the helplessness of the situation being faced by the family. The film does have its down points; some dialogue is a little shoddy and certain mutants just seemed all-out too unrealistic.

However, if you're a person that enjoys a good scare, this might be a good movie for you. While at points the film can be unbelievable, you inevitably feel for the family, with the film playing on our great fear of solitude in an unwelcome place. One aspect of the film that may cause it to attract the attention of the viewer is the sudden changes of pace. At one second, you believe everything could be OK, but a tipping point is reached and suddenly you are filled with despair for the characters.

All in all, I would call the film an above-average watch. It doesn't break new ground in the genre of horror films, but it does a good job of improving on a tried-and-true formula.

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