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Counting Cards For Blackjack

Before we get started, counting cards isn't about knowing what exact card is next (like the 9 of clubs), but about knowing what type of cards are left in the deck. It's not like the movie Rainman. And it's not going to help you unless you play at real casinos, not online ones. That said, let's get going. It's pretty well known that Blackjack is a game that gives players a real advantage to win money. To win over the long run, you need to develop an optimal strategy.

Counting cards will help you, if done right. Here's the basic premise. Small cards help the dealer, big cards help you. When we count cards, we want to know if the deck contains more small cards or more big cards (or about even). Since card counting is part of an optimal strategy, let's go over a couple quick tips first. When you have an 11, it's generally a good idea to double down.

Unless the dealer is showing a 10, then it's your call. Next, never split anything above an 8. Ideally, you won't split anything but Aces and 8's.

Think about it. There's no reason to split 10's as you have 20. Splitting 4's just gives you two potentially very poor losing hands.

Counting Card counting isn't that hard. All you're doing is assigning a number to each card you see. When you see a card, you'll either subtract 2, subtract 1, add 2, add 1 or do nothing. Card counting strategies vary somewhat, but they all use a running count. You start at 0 when the deck or shoe is new and go from there. Here's an example of one card counting strategy for Blackjack: 1.

Subtract 2 from the running count if the card is a 9, 10 or face. 2. Subtract 1 if the card shown is a 7 or 8. 3.

Add 2 if you see a 2, 3, or 4. 4. Add 1 if you see a 5 or 6. As mentioned, the more bigger cards that remain, the more likely you are to win and the more likely you are to score a Blackjack. Small cards can be the death of a player.

So, when the count is high, you bet more. When it's low, you reduce your bet. In more advanced versions, you get a little more mathematical by figuring out what percentage of the deck or shoe is left and figuring that number into the count.

While it does give you a more accurate picture, it's too hard for novices, so ignore it for now. One last note. When you count cards, you must count all cards on the table, not just your own. Good luck counting and may all your hands be winning ones.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!

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Counting Cards For Blackjack - Before we get started, counting cards isn't about knowing what exact card is next (like the 9 of clubs), but about knowing what type of cards are left in the deck.


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