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Preventing children from viewing unsafe content

The computer has opened the doors to the many types of things which can be done either online or offline. As such, there may be no specific way for parents to know what their children are doing online. Today, websites amount to the thousands of millions on the Internet, so it's obvious, preventing children from viewing all sorts of stuffs can be very difficult. Some parents are strict with their children about using the Internet as they are aware about how their habits and lifestyles can be changed.

On the other hand, other parents do not exert this authority, hence allowing children to view what they want on the Internet. While some parents allow their children a computer in their bedroom, others prefer the living room. The bedroom represents privacy, so children can be tempted to do as they wish. Alternately, the living room is a very accessible place, hence preventing children from viewing stuffs such as adult content on the Internet. If you have already explained your children about the various things that they can see on the Internet which does not suit their age, then it depends on how much you trust them.

Some children might tell you they have never seen or been to unsafe sites while others will simply lie to you. Some children easily lie to their parents because of the latter's ignorance in Internet issues. Fortunately, even if you cannot stop your children to view all the negative websites, there are ways to limit the sites they can access. Security levels are available and can be installed on web browsers to prevent children from visiting improper websites. With the advent of Windows Vista, Microsoft has enhanced the operating system's security level. So, this means that children may find it hard to access all sorts of websites while they surf the web.

A great thing parents can do is to create their personal account on their children's computer. Every time the children want to use their computer, they have to request their parents for the username and the password which remains secret. You as the parent must make sure that you have the highest control on the computer to better monitor your children. With an administrator account, you will be able to know what your children have been doing online and what sites they have accessed.

Also, you will have the ability to see what files your children have saved or worked with. In brief, you will have an overview about how your children are using their computer. Besides, letting your children aware that you will be keeping an eye on them, they may most probably feel reluctant to see and do unsafe things on their computer.

Another good way to know what your children are doing is to frequently have a look at the history. The computer will always keep a history about the things which have been done during the day, unless the children delete them. For this reason, having full control over the computer is imperative.

Sanjou is the writer for http://www.workingwithchildrentoday.co.uk/, a website dealing with children and young people

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