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Finding A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a difficult time for anyone to contend with, and it can be made more complicated by the involvement of lawyers and the ultimate squabbling over money. With the right divorce attorney in the ideal world, your separation should be a straightforward communicative exercise in which a fair and just conclusion is reached for both parties without the need for litigation or costly ongoing legal expenses. Unfortunately, it rarely works like that in practice, which can make that first decision to choose a divorce attorney all the more important. So what should you look for in a divorce attorney, and how can you make sure the attorney you've chosen is up to the job? The first thing to look for when choosing an attorney for divorce is whether or not family law is his area of practice.

Family law and divorce in particular is a specialised area of the law in which many practitioners solely operate, giving them an unrivalled in-depth knowledge when it comes to the ins and outs of dividing estates and divorce. However there are also countless local practices with one attorney or a couple of attorneys in partnership providing the full range of legal services which isn't the best route to go down. Specialisation will give an advantage in court so make sure your attorney is a dedicated family law and divorce professional, rather than a general attorney who takes whatever work he can find. Characteristically, attorneys are shy when it comes to discussing their fees - until, that is, they're looking to get paid! That's why you want a divorce lawyer that is upfront and honest with you in terms of what you're likely to have to pay, and what your current account balance stands at. Some attorneys offer a periodic invoice system or payment plan, which may also be helpful in allowing you to stagger payments if you have liquidity problems or can't really afford to go through the process of divorce.

Next you want to make sure that the attorney you do select is very much 'on your side'. Some attorneys, albeit towards the bottom of the scale, take minimal interest in what it is their clients are looking to achieve, but rather adopt the approach of opting for the path of least resistance in getting through the case and getting paid. Of course this isn't an ideal situation if you end up as that unfortunate client, so make sure you get a recommendation from a friend or reputable source prior to committing yourself to his services.

Choosing a solicitor is not an easy process by any means, and it is one that requires a great deal of foresight and perceptiveness. Of course no one really knows what's round the corner but it is important to try as hard as you can to predict where your lawyer may trip up prior to the complications that any divorce case can bring. Choosing carefully initially will help you avoid the potential disaster that is changing half way through the divorce proceedings.

For information on finding an attorney for divorce or on divorce law, or resources on serving divorce papers visit DivorceAdvisor.org.

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