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Camping with panache - Holiday Gifts Galore - Brief Article

Possibly more people would take up camping if it didn't mean giving up so many creature comforts. Well, those who offer this excuse may find their legs cut out from under them by Jeep Electronics from Power Brands LLC, Ronkonkoma, N.Y. The device that turns the great outdoors into an entertainment center comes with the hefty name of TV/AM/FM/Weatherband Flashlight Fluorescent Lantern and, for sheer versatility, puts the Swiss Army Knife to shame.

Breaking up its jawbreaker of a name into individual components, start with a five-inch black-and-white TV set with amazingly clear picture. Then add in an AM/FM radio with a weatherband, circular flashlight, twin-fluorescent-tube lantern, clock, and even a mosquito repeller, and you've got an electronic companion any camper would be proud to sit around the campfire or share a tent with. A retractable antenna helps maximize reception, and a headphone jack lets you listen without disturbing woodland creatures.

With all these features, what is surprising is that the set weighs less than 10 pounds, making it easy to be carried with the retractable strap on the top. Of course, all this versatility requires considerable power to operate, the main reason the set calls for nine D batteries as well as an AC and cigarette lighter adapter that lets you run it from your SUV, off-track vehicle, or, if you prefer staying closer to civilization, car.

This ingenious electronic device retails for a suggested $100. Call 1-800-354-8785 for store locations.

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